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Born in Ploiesti, Romania.

She has a degree in Business Administration from the Open University Business School, UK.

She has worked for the Defence Ministry of her native country and for the international news agency Reuters.

Today she is a successful businesswoman.

Since 2018, she has been a full member of the Writers’ Union of Romania.

She lives in Bucharest with her husband. The family was larger until recently as it included two beloved Yorkshire terrier dogs.

Her first work, “The Threshold”, a fantasy novel, was published by Tracus Arte publishing house in 2014. It was followed by: “The Threshold 2 – The Testifying Shadow” and “The Threshold 3 – The Last Oserp Messenger”, both put out by the same publishing house.

In 2017, Paralela 45 publishing house brought out her novel “Too Many Gods for One Desert”.

Doina’s books went onto claim various awards, including:

  • 2015 – RomCon – the Romanian SF&F National Convention – The Best First Novel Prize (for “The Threshold”)
  • 2017 – The European Science Fiction Society gave its CHRYSALIS Award to “The Threshold”, volumes 1, 2 and 3, in Dortmund, Germany
  • 2017 – The “Colin” Awards for professional writers (the seventh edition, held in Bucharest) granted “The Threshold”, volumes 1, 2 and 3, the Best Book Award (in the “New Weird, Gothic, Horror, Crime” category
  • 2018 – the Romanian SF&F National Convention – The Prize for Best Novel in 2017 for “Too Many Gods for One Desert”
  • 2019- become member of Romanian National Union of Writers
  • 2020- established the magazine Utopiqa, one of the high level quality in fantastic and mainstream area.


Doina Roman’s “The Threshold” novels have been translated into English and will soon be published in New Zealand.

Furthermore, the Cuban Cultural Institute has acquired to copyright to the novels, which will soon be translated into Spanish.

There are more than 90 reviews of and references to Doina’s work in the Romanian press.


Doina’s Books

The Threshold


That year, a long, sweltering, dusty summer, a seemingly endless summer had fallen over the City. By mid-day, it looked as if the air were rising from the ground and from the sand, spurting hot from stones, climbing along scorched branches and leaves only to drift back down in a dizzy spell triggered by the heat…

The Threshold 2 – The Witness Shadow


Lia woke up that morning as a ray of the autumn sun was tickling her eyelashes. She gave a start sensing that something was amiss, the creature sleeping by her side since she had got on the train. She could feel the pain increasing, digging into her flesh…

The Threshold 3 – The Last Oserp Envoy


In the luxury residence where Kor had been locked up only the furniture made a cracking sound from time to time.

His beard had grown and his face, with the black eyes the colour of burnt-out embers, had sagged…

Too Many Gods for One Desert


The landscape here is desolate; nothing but sand and mud. When the wind sweeps through the countryside, it smells like a predator spilling its guts after gorging itself on carrion. When the storm starts, everything is earthy and dark.

The Threshold (English Edition)


In three volumes Doina Roman has done something that only a writer of undeniable talent can: create a fantastic universe, with its own logic, justification and coherence, populated with strange…


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Alina Geambasu

Pragul – The Threshold

Doina Roman characters are natural. Lines, actions, interacţunile of them give no compulsion to guess, outside dramatics claimed by narrative itself …

Adrianna Suduc

Pragul – The Threshold

The Threshold by Doina Roman is neither science fiction nor fantasy. It is more a novel combination, a whirlwind of feelings and imaginary creatures unspeakable forth in the most exciting way possible …

Felix Nicolau

Pragul – The Threshold

Doina Roman’s trilogy, The Threshold, has been distributed in several sections of narrative. It said about it that it would take new weird sub-genre, but also science fiction or fantasy. Approaches were made by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings …

Alex Lamba

The challenges of the contemporary writer of speculative fiction

At the suggestion of Mr Ciprian Mitoceanu, Gazeta SF starts a series of interviews on „Challenges of contemporary speculative fiction writer.” The writers are targeting those who were invited when the eponymous Romcon 2015 – Suceava, where talks …

Lucian Dragos Bogdan

Pragul – The Threshold

Well … this was an unexpected reading in several ways. I think of what to write about this book yesterday, when I finished it.  I knew nothing about Doina Roman . Furthermore, I learned about her volume, The Threshold, only when the second bookit was released. And I only got to buy it at the RomCon where the book won the debut award…

Lumea Cărților - The Books' World

Pragul 1 & 2 – The Threshold 1 & 2

In the novel there are a lot changes: spatial moral Besides these unusual situations threshold is like a confession from my point of view because the novel itself is made up of desires, dreams and more towards the end I discovered that everything is based on survival reality but to find the truth …

Eugen Pohonțu

Pragul – The Threshold

If you want to fly like a „bird man” from a peak of the Chomolungma massif, or if you want to explore the wonderful land of the Marianas Pit, or if you just want to sing and dance in a torrential rain, or dream of the worlds structured in intangible dimensions to the real quantum universe, you must read Doina Roman’s „Threshold” trilogy…

Teodora Elena Matei

Pragul – The Threshold

Over thousands of years, long after the year 10,000, humanity could be divided into clans, after the gifts with which they were endowed or tasks. Material values would lose to the emotional, which is why the coins, called Blue …

Diana Elena Neaţă

Pragul – The Threshold

I admit: I got stuck !!! I should say a few words about the writer to know it, but I think that words are extra. Doina Roman recommended one (if I may say so) by her way of being and especially through his writings…

Ana Chirali

Pragul – The Threshold

The Threshold, the book written by Doina Roman is the only reading fantasy that I enjoyed and I can say it was worth it gladly. I think no one would realize that this is the debut novel of author …


In her books, Doina Roman managed something that only a writer of undeniable talent can do: creating a world. A fantastic universe, with its own logic and justification,  populated by strange creatures and people which behave and act naturally, realistic, credible

– Felix Nicolau